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This is a space where I put up pieces of my work, stories, art, and also commentaries on other people's art. It's a bit messy right now but come on it!

*Asura: while there are many interpretations of what Asuras are, I prefer this definition: "Many scholars describe Asuras to be "lords" with different specialized knowledge, magical powers and special abilities, which only later choose to deploy these for good, constructive reasons or for evil, destructive reasons (source)."

Interview About Who Is Brown Girl?

Wow yeah, I was interviewed a while back about my story. If you're interested in how Brown Girl came into being here it is!

Interview with Isabella Kestermann: Winter 2019 Flash Fiction Contest Third Place

That Goddam Beauty Mark

I Won A Contest!

Hey All!  I won 3rd place in a flash fiction contest! You can read the winning story HERE (just scroll down till you see my face.)

An interview should be coming out shortly!

The City

The city was a pretty thing, even when it was half submerged in swamp water. Every building was made out of obsidian black, which glinted darkly in the sun and shone like tombstones in the mist. The people were also black, black clothes, black hair, black lips. The only thing that wasn’t black was their skin, which shone whiter then bleached bone. On good days, you could see the streets bustling with people getting to work, children to school, shopkeepers to their shop. The best day was always Halloween, when the city would set up competitions for the best costumes. The worst days would fill the city with mud and water. People dragged their feet to work, and some wouldn’t even try, falling into the mud and curling, curling, curling into themselves until they were nothing more then a fetus. Children would cry as they walk, their brown tears staining their cheeks and mothers would throw their handkerchiefs from the windows and watch them wash away in the water.  When night fell, fights…

The Endless Eight Revisions of Haruhi Suzumiya

So I just finished watching the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I can see why so many people consider it so good and also why I brushed it off. I read the translated light novel of the first volume when I was younger and while I thought it was interesting it didn’t really blow me away. Even to this day, I don't remember much about it other than Kyon and Haruhi running away from the giant monster. Needless to say, I wasn’t that impressed. But now that I’ve watched the anime, I kind of realized why it was so big. It was meta, it was experimental, and most of all it was stubborn. It didn’t really care that its story wasn’t original, or that its main character was just a few steps above a manic pixie dream girl. No, this anime was all about delivery and that’s what makes it great. There are two arcs? episodes? that really show the craft of the show, the first being The Endless Eight arc and second, The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina. Putting aside Asahina for now, let me talk about the …