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Let's Work Together!

Isabella is available for freelance editing, including developmental editing. Her strengths lie in sci-fi, fantasy, horror, creative non-fiction and poetry. 

Reach out via email for details and availability. Please provide:

  • Length of piece

  • Genre

  • Brief description of piece

  • Expected turnaround time

2024-03-04 khoreo_cover_4.1_v0.1.jpg

Volume 4, Issue 1

Take Up Thy Mother’s Song

Written by Natasha King​

A family living under oppression hides their magic in a song passed down the generations. This is a story about when to choose survival and when to fight back, and when these are one and the same. Read online or buy the issue

Volume 3, Issue 4

Trees Can Have My Soul; in Return, Let Me Have My Grief

Written by Rukman Ragas

Trees is an exploration of grief and identity under a diasporic lens. It's about the language of loss and how you communicate when you lose your mother tongue to assimilation. Read online or buy the issue

2023-08-28 khoreo_cover_3.4_v0.1.png
2023-08-28 khoreo_cover_3.4_v0.1.png

Volume 3, Issue 4

Thank God Things Are Different Now

Written by Desiree Winns

Years after the terrifying dictator of a small island nation has been deposed, a native bartender tells his side of history to an unsuspecting tourist. Read online or buy the issue

Volume 3, Issue 4

The Maiden Voyage of the Piranha Belle

Written by L. M. Guay

A deluxe riverboat welcomes the galaxy's wealthiest tourists to the drought-ridden Amazon - but no one's seen her mysterious captain. "The Maiden Voyage of the Piranha Belle" is a flash exploration of colonization and survival. Read online or buy the issue

2023-08-28 khoreo_cover_3.4_v0.1.png
2023-05-01 khoreo_cover_3.2_v0.1.jpg

Volume 3, Issue 2

Memories of Memories Lost

Written by Mahmud El Sayed

“Every year they take more. It started with small things. The memory of a laugh, a meal, a kiss. Last year I traded away a birthday party. It was nothing special, really. A few friends. I knew that I could have traded away less, but, like I said, my twenty-sixth birthday was barely worth remembering anyway.” Read online or buy the issue

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